5 Best Work From Home Airline Jobs For Major Airlines

Do you want to work for an airline and enjoy those sweet travel benefits, but don’t want to work at 36,000 feet as a flight attendant or pilot? You could choose to work at your local airport or even from the comfort of your own home.

Are you already dreaming of moving to Thailand and living a digital nomad lifestyle while getting paid as a reservations agent? Remember that you will usually need to live within 100 miles of one of the airline’s bases to fulfill (recurrent) training for the position. However, considering airlines are known for their flexible schedules, there is no doubt that you will be able to travel a lot while working one of these work from home airline jobs!

Types of Work From Home Airline Jobs


As an airline reservation agent, you will help customers book flights with your airline. This can be challenging when customers have an ambitious itinerary request, but you’ll be working with systems that will help you find the best flights. You will also be suggesting car rental and hotel bookings and answer inquiries about customers’ flight schedules. When customers call to cancel or change their flights, reservation agents are designated to assist the customer with this process. Some airlines require you to work at a call center, but most airlines allow reservation agents to work from home.

Most airlines will hire applicants with at least a high school diploma, but most positions lately have been taken by applicants who graduated from college or have prior office experience. Prior experience as a reservations agent is certainly preferred, but not necessary because as a new hire, you will be provided a multi-week training to prepare you for the job. In this training, you will be informed about customer service procedures, Federal Aviation Regulations and other Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

Sales and Marketing

While reservation agents sell flights to individual customers, sales and marketing representatives will sell mostly to corporations and travel agencies. They will sell seats for certain routes the companies regularly use to make sure the airline will increase and maintain business with these companies. As a sales representative, you will also sell cargo space to shipping companies or corporations and handle their reservations and bookings. As this mostly gets done over the phone, sales and marketing representatives usually get offered a remote position.

Considering the different scope of the job, sales and marketing representatives will typically have a college degree in business, marketing or sales. Most representatives will also have previous sales experience, for instance, by starting out as a reservations agent with the airline.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives usually work in call centers, but occasionally get the opportunity to work from home. You’ll answer customer questions, give them information about their itinerary and resolve their problems. On request, you will help customers with their itinerary changes.

Requirements for this job are similar to the requirements to become a reservations agent. A college degree or previous experience is not required, but definitely preferred.

Information Technology

Information technology specialists are in high demand. To attract more applicants for information technology positions, airlines will occasionally offer work from home opportunities.

If you are an information systems specialist, you will have a great choice of career opportunities within aviation. Most aspects of aviation rely largely on computers. As a specialist, you could be monitoring the aircraft systems, supporting airline employees with their provided devices or update the crew scheduling system.

Working for an airline as a systems specialist is great if you regularly travel, since you’ll usually will be provided with travel benefits. However, to attain an information technology position with an airline, you will definitely need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and a few years of experience.

Information Technology positions are always in demand with airlines.


Most people will grow into a work from home management position from another position within the airline. Where most of the management works at the airline’s headquarters, some managers within certain airlines are able to work from home.

Airlines that have work from home opportunities

American Airlines offers work from home opportunities for both entry-level positions and more specialized or management positions. For a full-time work from home position, you could become a sales, reservations or customer service representative with American Airlines. If you are specialized in information technology, the airline may offer you a full or part-time work from home opportunity. Even analysts and managers who would normally work at the headquarters have reported being able to work from home.

United Airlines allows customer service representatives to work from home and from time to time you might also find a remote job with Delta Air Lines. Alaska Air also regularly offers entry-level positions through their Work From Home Program.

Not only large airlines will offer work from home jobs. Also smaller and newer airlines hire employees that can work from home. JetBlue has lots of work from home analyst, customer service, sales and support positions. Horizon Air will occasionally offer work from home jobs too.

Are you interested in a work from home job with an airline? Check the airlines’ websites for openings and let us know in the comments where you decided to apply!

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