How to Find Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants

Airlines are not often looking for flight attendants, as they usually get thousands of great applicants while they only have 50 to 100 open positions in a training class. This can make job searching for flight attendant positions challenging. I’ve outlined the steps you should take to make sure you find airlines that are hiring flight attendants. You’ll also find a list of every airline career page at the end of this article, so you can start applying today!

Get Ready

Before you start searching for flight attendant job openings, make sure you’re ready. Create or update your resume so it will be fit for the position. Some airlines prefer a cover letter with your application, so make sure you create a template you can use and customize for different applications.

Once you’re ready, don’t wait to apply. When I started applying for flight attendant positions, I planned to apply with another airline than I’m currently employed with. Since I still needed to update my resume and wanted to take my sweet time applying to jobs, the job posting was gone. I was incredibly lucky that another airline started hiring bilingual flight attendants too once I got everything sorted, but this is not always the case. So make sure you apply as soon as you can.

Start with job search engines

This is especially helpful if you’re looking for a bilingual flight attendant position or airlines in certain locations. I found the position I applied to through, by looking for flight attendant jobs with the keyword Dutch, so I would only get openings for bilingual positions.

If you would like to be based in your state or city, you might find a regional airline by using the location filter. Other useful websites are and

Set up job alerts

This one is especially helpful if you have certain airlines in mind you would like to work for. Every airline has options where you can get new job postings that match your interests sent to you. This way you will be notified right when the job opening is listed. If you don’t have a preference for a certain airline, most job boards will offer notifications for job openings based on a certain keyword or set of filters.

Try your network

If you want to work for a regional or even private airline, you might be better off using your own network, especially if you already have family or friends in the aviation industry. They might know a certain airline you didn’t think of before or one that has a smaller online presence. Ask around for leads and let your Facebook and LinkedIn network know you want to become a flight attendant.

Apply direct at airline websites

Once you’ve found job openings that match your preferences, go to the airline website and apply there so you can be sure your application will be sent directly to the right department for consideration. You will find job postings in the Careers section of the airline website. On most airline websites, you can track the status of your application. If you get invited to do an assessment or video interview, that will happen through their website too.

Airline career pages

Here you’ll find every airline’s website and career page. If there is a job opening, you’ll surely find it directly at the source. Good luck applying!

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