Flight Attendant Interview Outfit: Tips and Ideas For Women

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Congratulations! You finally got an invitation to attend a flight attendant interview. It’s time to make flight arrangements with the airline and to print necessary documents. Next step: getting your interview outfit together. What look will get you hired?

For my interview, I wore an outfit I felt comfortable in while also trying to incorporate the airline’s uniform color and style. This way, both the hiring managers and I could imagine myself in the uniform I would wear once I got hired. And it worked!

Looking for interview outfit ideas for men? In this post you’ll find the best advice on suits, ties and grooming for your flight attendant interview!


Most applicants choose to wear dresses for their interview. It will be a good choice for most airlines since there usually is a dress option in their uniform selection. Neutral colors always work but try to match your dress as close to the uniform style and color as you can. Sleeveless or short sleeve dresses should be worn with a suit jacket. Make sure the dress is not too short or too long. If the hemline is near your knees, you’re good!

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Other than dresses, you could decide on a shirt with pants or a skirt. Both cotton or silky shirts will work. Stay with neutral colors, like white, grey or blue. Avoid bold prints or bright colors. Also, don’t choose any tops with low necklines and don’t unbutton any more than the first button of your shirt. Make sure your shirt is not see-through or wear a white or nude top underneath. Just like with dresses, sleeveless or short sleeve tops should be worn with a suit jacket. Preferably one in the same color as your bottoms of choice.

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Depending on what you’re comfortable in, you can choose to wear a shirt with either pants or a skirt. I wore pants because the airline I work for offers pants as a uniform option and at the time of my interview I was convinced I would choose pants as part of my uniform.

Fun fact: I now only wear dresses at work. However, I felt great during the interview, which is so important!

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Most women choose a skirt over pants for their flight attendant interview. Any pencil skirt in a neutral color will do. Again, make sure the skirt is not too tight and touches the knee, even while sitting down.

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Sleeveless or short sleeve tops should always be paired with a suit jacket or blazer, even if you happen to have your interview in summer. If you’re wearing a long-sleeve top or dress, you could still pair it with a suit jacket but it is not mandatory. If you’re wearing pants or a skirt, try to find a suit jacket in the same color as your bottoms of choice.

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You should always wear tights or pantyhose, regardless of your outfit choices or the weather. With a skirt or dress, you should wear some nude tights. Pants should go with a nude pantyhose. These could be ankle or knee-high pantyhose. Make sure you bring an extra pair on your interview day, in case you need it.

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Wear simple black heels, without any buttons or decoration. Avoid open-toe or stiletto heels. If you don’t have a pair yet, invest in a comfortable leather pair. You’ll have to wear them throughout training and your flight attendant career.

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Your most important accessory is going to be a watch. Flight attendants have to wear a watch to work so wearing one to your interview shows that you’re ready for the job. Choose a classic, analog-style watch.

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Most flight attendants I work with agree that a scarf isn’t a must for a flight attendant interview anymore. Unless you wear one daily, it may come off as unnatural and gimmicky. Keep jewelry to a minimum and take out any piercings you may have. Classic pearl or stone stud earrings and a fine necklace will do.

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Wrap up your outfit with an elegant, simple purse. Nothing too big, but big enough to carry a few copies of your resume and cover letter.

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Wear your hair up in a sleek bun or ponytail – exactly what you would wear once you start your flight attendant career. If your hair does not exceed shoulder length, you may keep your hair down. Just make sure your hair is neat and kept out of your face, possibly with some pins or hairspray.


Keep your nails in a neutral color and style. French manicure or nude polish will work for most airlines. Your nails should be well-groomed and all in the same length. Cover any tattoos you may have.

Wear simple makeup. Most airlines allow a red lipstick as a part of their preferred makeup look, so you could consider wearing some lipstick while keeping eyes and face simple.

Don’t forget to smile! A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear.

What are you wearing for your flight attendant interview? Share any outfit ideas in the comments!

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