Flight Attendant Interview Outfit: Tips and Ideas For Men

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Congratulations! You finally got an invitation to attend a flight attendant interview. It’s time to make flight arrangements with the airline and to print necessary documents. Next step: getting your interview outfit together. What look will get you hired?

For my interview, I wore an outfit I felt comfortable in while also trying to incorporate the airline’s uniform color and style. This way, both the hiring managers and I could imagine myself in the uniform I would wear once I got hired. And it worked!

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A well-tailored suit is the way to go if you’re interviewing to become a flight attendant, since that’s what you’ll be wearing for your uniform. Choose a suit in a darker color like blue, brown, gray or black. A single-breasted suit will be the best style since most airlines offer this style for the men’s uniform. On your interview, make sure that you wear your jacket buttoned up and check that your fly is zipped up before you go.

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Always wear a tie to a flight attendant interview. Depending on the material of your suit, choose a silk or matte tie. It should match well with your suit and shirt. Avoid a tie with images, loud colors, designer logos or bold patterns.

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My advice to any man interviewing for a flight attendant position: wear a suit with a shirt and a tie. Some men decide to not wear a jacket for their interview. I would personally still recommend wearing one – even in summer, but if you’re not going to wear a jacket, at least wear a shirt and tie.

A simple white or pale blue cotton long sleeve shirt is excellent. Make sure to iron your shirt and tuck it neatly into your pants with your buttons lining up with your belt buckle. Cufflinks are optional.

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Traditional black leather dress shoes with laces are always a safe bet. Most airlines require men to wear this style with their uniform, so you will already be investing in your flight attendant footwear. Make sure your shoes have no metal accents and are always polished and shiny.

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Black socks are always best, but other dark colors that match your suit are a good option too. Your socks should be long enough to not expose your skin when you sit down.

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Stick with a simple black leather belt.

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Flight attendants have to wear a watch to work so wearing one to your interview shows that you’re ready for the job. Choose a classic, analog-style wristwatch. In addition to your watch, you could choose to wear one (wedding) ring.

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Take an elegant briefcase or laptop bag for your documents. To fit with the belt and shoes, a black leather option would be best.

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Your nails should be well-groomed and all in the same length. Cover any tattoos and remove any earrings or piercings you may have. You can wear some cologne, but make sure to not wear anything heavy.

Most airlines prefer short hair on men. Some airlines allow facial hair but any airline will prefer you to attend your interview clean-shaven.

What are you wearing for your flight attendant interview? Share any outfit ideas in the comments!

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