How Long it Will Take You to Become a Flight Attendant

One of the most asked questions is: How long does it take to become a flight attendant?

Short answer: at least four weeks and a bit. If you’re really lucky.

Most people won’t be a flight attendant any time soon after they applied. Airline hiring processes are often extensive and consist of multiple video and in-person interviews. If you get an offer after all these interviews, you just got started.

This could be your office view in a month – or a year…

Next step is training. Before you can get admitted into training, you will have to do a lot of paperwork and tests for background checks. Processing this paperwork takes time and it’s not always guaranteed that you will move straight from your interview into a training class. I had to wait for a month after I got a job offer, while other flight attendants waited over a year to hear when they would start training. Basically, you never know until you get the official invitation. The training invitation will inform you about how long training for your airline of choice will take. The shortest training period at any airline is currently four weeks. However, some airlines take up to eight weeks to get you ready for the job.

Once you get through training and earned your wings, you will usually get a few days off to move to your new base. Following those few days, you will have an orientation day at your new office: your base airport! After that day, you’ll finally start working as a flight attendant.

Hiring processes are different at any airline and training can take a month or maybe two, depending on the airline you choose. But even once you’ve sorted out the hiring timeline, you still may need to wait to get admitted to the next step. So, be patient and give your all to follow your dream, but don’t give up everything at home yet until you’ve got a training date – or once you have those wings!

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