29 Realistic Travel Jobs: How to Get Paid to Travel the World in 2020

Do you wish you could travel more?

Wondering how others maintain a life full of travel?

Find out how I make money while traveling, how other travelers get paid and how you can do it too!

I’ve been traveling the world for years while working “regular” jobs. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, because these jobs didn’t allow for full-time travel but I couldn’t afford to quit working either.

Over the last year, I’ve been focusing on my travel career: progressing from my travel job as a flight attendant to a successful location independent entrepreneur.

Becoming a location independent digital nomad allows me to have full control over my freedom. I’m able to decide when and where I’ll be traveling. As a flight attendant, I have a tremendous amount of free time and flight benefits allow me to travel for free. It pays for my living expenses and got me started traveling full time.

I recommend you to follow the same steps. Start with a job that’s easy to start, so you can start traveling today and evolve into becoming fully location independent over time.

Becoming a flight attendant is not the only way to start traveling today while getting paid. I will guide you through 29 realistic ways to work and travel the world.

Why are you not traveling yet?

Whenever I talk about my travel experiences, 90% of the people are like: I wish I could travel as much as you do, but I really can’t. When I ask why, I usually get an answer that fits in one of two categories:

You believe you can’t leave your current life behind 


yobelieve you can’t maintain your future travel lifestyle.

There are a few excuses that don’t fit into these categories, but most will fit in one way or another. If you’re aware what is keeping you from fulfilling your desire to travel, I’m here to help transforming both beliefs.

I can’t leave my life behind

I’ve seen it a lot around me and I’ve been hesitant myself. We fear change and find an excuse to not having to face this fear. We believe our current career looks great on paper and we are afraid to throw it all away when we decide to actually conform to our desires to travel. 

To avoid that this will actually happen, travel with purpose. Find a job that fits you, that will allow you to sustain your lifestyle and that contributes to your life and that of others. You won’t have to “throw away” the career you’ve built. You may actually improve your career by encountering new opportunities!

A few actionable ways I overcame my fear of failure that could work for you:

  • Find what you’re really afraid of. Fear of changing your situation is really a fear of uncertainty. Not knowing how to go about starting a life of traveling is overwhelming. But we’re about to take on that problem with a clear, step-by-step method to make sure you’re making the best choice for your future.
  • Stay in the present take small steps to get to your desired lifestyle. Just thinking of your ideal life where you’re able to travel as often as you want is for most people a motivator to start a plan, but rarely enough to continue and actually attain the lifestyle they want. By taking it step by step and thoroughly researching every step you need to take to get to your goal, you will be less overwhelmed and motivated by the process you’re making in your transformation to a new life full of travel. Small steps make big changes!
  • Accept uncertainty. It’s a part of life and definitely a part of travel. Letting go of the idea what could go bad will make it easier to cope with what’s to come. There will be a lot you can’t control – delayed flights, lost baggage, the weather, but it’s time for you to focus on what you can control. Which is when you get started transforming your life and how you want to do that.
  • Think about the best and worst case scenarios. In one of the steps of how to use this travel job list I’ll remind you of the importance of imagining your ideal life. It looks  pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Compare that to the worst case scenario if you don’t make a change. It’ll probably look like the situation you’re in right now, plus a whole lot of regret. I know which one I’d go for! 

I can’t maintain a life of travel

Few people have enough savings to pack up and travel for the rest of their life. Or even for the rest of the year. Most of us don’t even desire to go through life without working, because working brings us a sense of purpose and fulfillment, provided we find a job that we enjoy doing and that fits our lifestyle.

This is why I found the perfect balance in having a travel job: a job that will cover the cost of living and traveling while providing enough free time and flexibility, so you can actually get up and travel.

Best travel jobs for you

I’ll go over 29 realistic travel jobs you could consider going after to achieve the travel lifestyle that fits you. Don’t just read through this list and go back to your old job and life that doesn’t fit with your travel desires. 

Most of the jobs listed in this list are incredibly easy to start with, especially with being able to apply to pretty much any opportunity online nowadays. So, start your own adventure and find your dream travel job!

So how should you use this list?

  1. Get a piece of paper and make two categories. The first being “Easiest to start” and the other “Dream jobs”.
  2. Go over this list and fill in any jobs that would fit the category “Easiest to start”.
  3. Imagine your ideal life. How much are you traveling? Is it long or short term? Do you have a home base or do you live a nomadic lifestyle? What would be a job you would love to do? Are you looking for a job that requires you to travel, a job that would allow you to move somewhere else – and become an expat – or work online or start your own business so you can travel whenever you want?
  4. Go over this list again and add jobs to the category “Dream job”. These jobs could be the same as the ones you added to “Easiest to start” or any others you can come up with.
  5. Start with your “Easiest to start” list. Which of these jobs do excite you the most? Or excited enough to start preparing for your change right now?
  6. Go over your “Dream job” list. Which one is your absolute favorite? Which one is working hard enough for to get to in the long term?
  7. Puzzle together a plan to start off with your “Easiest to start” job to work towards your “Dream job” or even better: shoot straight for your “Dream job”! The thing that’s most important is that you start your adventure now. Procrastination is the thief of time and not acting on our dreams right now is what keeps us where we are – and since you’re reading this, do you really want to be where you are right now?

Short-term jobs abroad

These jobs are also known as backpacker jobs. I will go over these types of jobs because they do usually fall on the “Easiest to start” list for a lot of people.

Backpacker or short-term jobs are easy to find and usually don’t require certification, degrees or extensive training. This means that you easily hop around countries and find other short-term jobs.

1. WWOOF, Workaway, Worldpackers and HelpX

WWOOF, Workaway, Worldpackers and HelpX are all similar concepts. These websites link volunteers with work and volunteer opportunities abroad. Since most of these opportunities are strictly volunteering, there is not much more earning potential than a free stay and your meals. However, you will have plenty of learning opportunities like picking up a new language or learning how to take care of farm animals.

WWOOF links volunteers with organic farmers. You will work on a farm in exchange for a cultural experience. Farmers will provide you with food and a place to stay.

Workaway is a similar website to WWOOF. Work opportunities don’t only include farm work, but also building, teaching, gardening and other volunteer and cultural exchange opportunities. Worldpackers is pretty much the same as Workaway, with added 24/7 support.

If you’re looking for an opportunity in Europe, Australia or Canada, you might find luck with HelpX. It seems a bit outdated, but you might just find the opportunity that would be perfect for you.

How to start: Explore the volunteering websites, find a job and host you like, sign up and contact hosts.
Income potential: Free stay and meals
Resources: WWOOF, Workaway, Worldpackers and HelpX

2. Be a housesitter

Housesitting is a great opportunity for you to live rent-free abroad. Most housesitting opportunities don’t pay. It’s still a good gig because while you’re housesitting, you can work on other travel jobs and explore your city during the day.

If you don’t mind having a “roommate”, you could consider pet sitting. This means you can’t be gone from the house for hours at a time, so you will have fewer travel opportunities. However, petsitting may pay more and if you want to focus on your travel business you’ll always have a companion.

Most websites, like HouseSit Match will have both housesitting and pet sitting opportunities around the world.

How to start: Explore the housesitting websites, find a house you like, sign up and contact hosts.
Income potential: Free stay and time to work on your own travel business
Resources: HouseSit Match, Housesitter and TrustedHousesitters

3. Work in hospitality

Hospitality is easy to get in and you’ll find places to work anywhere. Think of working in a hostel, bar or even of traveling as a professional chef.

Hostel jobs are really easy to get. Ask hostels you’re staying at if they are looking for help. You might not always get paid for your work at a hostel, but you’ll definitely get room and board. It’s a great job for travelers that already regularly stay in hostels and enjoy the vibe.

Bar jobs are similar to getting hostel work. Walking in and asking for a job is how most travelers have been able to get a job as a bartender pretty much anywhere in the world. You could choose to work at a standalone bar, but don’t forget there are bars at places you already go while traveling, like your hostel, gym or shared workspaces.

Working as a professional chef requires you to have previous experience. A culinary degree isn’t necessary but could give you an advantage. As a chef, you could work in restaurants, on cruise ships or yachts.

How to start: Go into a hostel or bar and ask if they need help. As a chef, you’ll have to prove your experience.
Income potential: Hostels – free stay and meals. Bars – $1000 to $3000 per month. Chefs – $1000 – $5000 per month, depending on country and position.
Resources: Hostel Jobs

4. Work as an au pair

An au pair is a temporary live-in nanny who takes care of the children – and sometimes the household – of the family they stay with.

As a student, I worked as an au pair in Spain over the summer. I worked for the family as an English tutor when I studied abroad, so I was already familiar with the family, but most people find an au pair through online directories.

My favorite thing about being an au pair is the complete cultural immersion you’ll experience as you become part of the family.

How to start: Explore the au pair websites, find a family you like, sign up and contact them.
Income potential: Room and board and possibly some pocket money for the weekends or access to a car.
Resources: Rock Your Au Pair Year: The Ultimate Au Pair Advice Guide, AuPairWorld and Aupair.com

5. Become a summer camp leader

Summer camps are popular around the world, but especially in the United States of America. If you want to experience America’s wonderful nature, being a camp counselor is a great way to get out of your state and stay in another one over summer. It’s also a great way to build your resume if you’re considering a career in sports management or teaching.

Do you need a visa to be a camp leader in the United States? CCUSA and most other camp programs will even sponsor your J1 visa to be a camp counselor!

How to start: Explore camp program websites to find a camp anywhere in the world and apply. If you need a visa, the camp program will help you arrange it.
Income potential: Housing and meals, travel allowance to and from the camp and anywhere from $300 to $500 per week.
Resources: CCUSA, Great Camp Jobs, American Camp Association

Expat jobs

Expat jobs are usually more long term than previous jobs. For most of these opportunities, you’ll need some skills or certification but are still relatively quick to get into. These jobs abroad could substantially contribute to your career in the long run.

These opportunities usually require you to work in one place, but you’ll be able to explore your new country on your time off. Most of these jobs are more established, so you will have an easier time getting the right visa for the job if you need one.

6. Teaching English abroad

Teaching English abroad is also known as TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The biggest advantage of teaching English abroad is that you’re usually able to negotiate on your hours. This means you could decide to work only 20 hours per week and use the rest of the week to travel! Most TEFL teachers work between 10 to 40 hours a week.

Most TEFL programs will require you to be TEFL certified. This doesn’t mean you’ll need an education degree. You can do a TEFL course from home and it will help you get a better paying teaching gig in the long run.

How to start: Get TEFL certified and apply with schools abroad.
Income potential: $2,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on your location.
Resources: Premier TEFL

7. Join the peace corps

Possibly the most intense and noble opportunity on this list. It’s more a – 2 year – commitment to helping people than it is a job. You don’t get much time off and you have little influence on the place you get stationed, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Besides the noble reasons, having Peace Corps experience on your resume can get you to careers that are incredibly difficult to get, like being a diplomat. Your experience will also be paid for and once you’re done with your commitment, you’ll receive $8,000 for transitioning back to “normal life”.

How to start: Apply through the Peace Corps website or connect with a recruiter.
Income potential: Travel costs for your mission are covered, but you won’t get paid for your work. However, you will get a transition payment worth around $8,000.
Resources: Peace Corps

8. Become an instructor

Are you good at something? Teach it abroad! You don’t have to be an expert at it, just better than most people.

With most instructor jobs it’ll help if you’re certified, but most just require you to be willing to teach others.

Some instructor ideas are:

  • Yoga
  • Surf
  • Scuba
  • Fitness
  • Ski
  • Dance
  • Sailing

For some instructor jobs – like scuba diving and yoga – you can get certified through a program abroad and use that certification to travel and work in different countries around the world! If you decide to stay in one place for a while, you could even decide to open a surf/yoga/sailing school abroad.

How to start: Get the gear you need to teach your skill, become certified and join a school – or start one yourself!
Income potential: $5 – $20 per hour, depending on location and your experience. You could earn more as a private instructor. Advertising classes through Airbnb Experiences has been a popular way for instructors to connect with travelers.
Resources: Check out association websites – like the American Sailing Association – to find out how to become an instructor. Plenty of websites like Surf Travel Jobs list work exchanges and paid jobs online.

9. Open a business abroad

Setting up a physical business definitely won’t allow you to travel for a while. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you found a place you love. Once the travel bug returns, you could always decide to find someone trustworthy to manage your business, so you can resume traveling.

As long as you have done plenty of research, obtain the right permits and have enough money to invest in your business, you could start pretty much any business you want abroad. Plenty of travelers start cafes and restaurants, but also tour companies and surf shops.

How to start: Make sure you’re ready to commit staying in one place for a prolonged time. Do your research and make a business plan. Get the right permits for your business and yourself. Get started!
Income potential: Depending on your expenses and on how much you charge for your service or product, your earning potential is basically limitless.
Resources: Do plenty of research in the country you’re going to start your business and in the niche your business will be specialized in. There are plenty of books to help get you started.

10. Pursue a foreign service career

If your career in international relations, you’re probably looking for a position in foreign service. Think of a career in international politics, for an NGO or diplomacy. Most of these jobs allow you to travel as you will get stationed in another country.

However, these jobs are not easy to get into and will almost always require you to have a degree, speak multiple languages and have exceptional experience, like the Peace Corps.

How to start: Although there are no specific requirements to become a foreign service officer, having a relevant degree, studying abroad and getting the right work and volunteering experience will help.
Income potential: Starting out at $40,000+ per year.
Resources: 8 steps to becoming a Foreign Service Officer

Travel industry jobs

Jobs in the travel industry require you to travel and usually pay well. They give you a chance to save money so you can see other places in your time off, but you don’t have as much flexibility as digital nomad jobs.

11. Be a flight attendant

As a flight attendant, I can personally attest that being a flight attendant is one of the best jobs to travel the world and progress towards a fully location independent career.

The job itself is already amazing because it actually requires you to travel while you’re working. But what makes it perfect for travelers is the free flights and the amount of time off. With my regular schedule, I am usually working 80 to 100 hours a month. This means I have plenty of time to travel during my days off. Any travel I do during these days, my flights are free and hotels and car rental are usually discounted.

If you want to become an airline employee in another position, you’ll get flight benefits too. You could even decide to work from home for an airline and be location independent while enjoying those sweet travel benefits.

How to start: Find airlines that are currently hiring, apply and interview and start training for the position.
Income potential: The start pay for flight attendants is around $25 to $30 per hour. This can top out to up to $70 per hour, after working for the airline for years. Flight attendants have plenty of opportunities to earn extra while working and during their time off. You could easily build a location independent business while working as a flight attendant.
Resources: Check career pages for the airlines you are interested working at.

12. Be a tour director or guide

Being a tour director is very different from being a tour guide. According to this National Geographic article, a tour director is the one responsible for logistics, confirmations, planning, damage control, and group dynamics. A tour guide gives specific narration in a place, often joining the tour group for just a couple of hours. Depending on how involved you like to be with a tour group and whether you are knowledgeable about a certain historic site or a whole region, you could try either position.

Being a tour director definitely requires a lot of preparation and work while you’re with your tour group, but if you get energy from leading groups, answering questions and solve any problem on the way this is a great job that keeps you traveling! As a tour guide, you will do shorter tours so you end up with more free time to explore your new country on your time off.

How to start: Find tour director and guide jobs online, through tour operators and hostels or hotels.
Income potential: Tour directors earn about $250 to $350 per day, where tour guides usually get paid up to $150 per day, plus tips. If you choose to start a tour business yourself, your earning potential can be much more, depending on how much you charge.
Resources: This training manual has lots of advice for anyone who is exploring the world of being a tour guide or starting a tour business.

13. Work on a cruise ship

Pretty much any job you’d qualify for on land, you could do on a cruise ship. There are an incredible amount of entry-level jobs on cruise ships, like housekeeping, entertainment, shop clerks or waiters. But also positions that require certification or experience can be done on a cruise, like being a mechanic, engineer, chef or working in daycare.

If you work on a cruise, you won’t have to worry about accommodation and food for weeks or months at a time, while you are getting paid and seeing different countries on your route every day.

How to start: Apply directly with cruise companies or find a job through a global cruise job board.
Income potential: Most positions on a cruise earn about $1,500 a month. However, the highest-paid cruise employees earn up to $10,000 a month.
Resources: You probably have heard of Wandering Earl. He wrote an ebook on how to get a job on cruise ships. Check it out if you’re ready to apply for a cruise ship job.

14. Work on a private yacht

If you want to work on a boat but aren’t crazy about having tons of guests around, consider working on a private yacht. You’ll still have the opportunity of traveling between beautiful destinations and tropical islands.

Most opportunities require no experience and it’s apparently surprisingly easy to land a job on a private yacht. Just like on a cruise, private yachts have lots of different positions so there’s probably something fitting for you.

How to start: Check out yacht crew job boards and apply.
Income potential: Yacht work isn’t always paid, but you’ll always have room and board. However, some yacht workers make up to $3,000 a month on top of that!
Resources: Bluewater, YaCrew, Yotspot and many other yacht crew job boards.

15. Work at a ski resort

Don’t mind the cold? A job at a ski resort could be a great seasonal opportunity for you. Perfect to alternate with a “summer seasonal”, ski resort jobs are easy to find as ski resorts are notorious for hiring travelers.

Most positions at ski resorts don’t pay much. However, if you plan to go skiing anyways you’ll save so much money by working for the resort. You get free housing and you get a lift pass for the season you’re working.

Enjoy skiing or snowboarding but you’re not that skilled yet? Consider a position working the lifts, in the resort restaurants or taking care of the lodges.

How to start: Are you already at a ski resort? Ask if they need help. Looking for a ski resort job from home? Check ski resort job boards.
Income potential: $11+ per hour depending on the position and location, plus free housing and a lift pass.
Resources: One of my favorite jobs to find all kinds of jobs in awesome places: Coolworks. Or try ski-specific job boards like Ski Resort Jobs.

Location independent careers

The previous jobs still required you to live in one place and don’t give you total freedom over the location you work from. Depending on the amount of free time you’ll have, you may or may not be traveling extensively during those work opportunities.

Do you prefer to be entirely location independent but still enjoy the security of having an employer? Consider one of the following job opportunities.

16. Keep your old job and work remotely

The easiest and most secure way to become location independent is by keeping your current job and working remotely. This is definitely not an option for every job, but it is an option that is often overlooked.

Do you have a “regular” job? It’s probably pretty simple to turn it into a remote position. If you play your cards right, you may be able to convince your manager to have you working remotely.

Are you sure your job isn’t possible remotely but still want to work in a different environment? Check if your company has offices or projects in other places in the world and request a transfer. There’s no harm in trying!

How to start: Take the right steps to convince your employer to let you work remotely. Realize what your motivation is to work from home, make a plan and talk to your manager.
Resources: Remote: Office Not Required is a great guide to convincing your boss of letting you work remotely.

17. Be a travel nurse

Are you a registered nurse of thinking of becoming a nurse? As a nurse, you’ll be able to travel every 13 to 26 weeks to a new location.

Travel nurses are in high demand, so travel expenses and housing are usually covered. You’ll be able to make a good income while traveling around the country.

Prefer to work abroad for a while? Get an international assignment through a reputable agency. Don’t forget to check out unusual assignments like being a nurse on a yacht or cruise ship!

How to start: If you’re not a nurse yet, you will need to spend the next four years becoming a nurse through a university. If you are a nurse, investigate travel nurse agencies and apply.
Income potential: Most travel nurses earn at least $40 an hour. However, this could be way more or less depending on the benefits you get through your agency as a travel nurse.
Resources: Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2019. A well-known organization for any medical professional is Doctors Without Borders.

18. Work as a remote customer service representative

The job of a customer service representative is perfect to do remotely since most of the work is done using over the phone and using a computer.

Most customer service jobs don’t require previous experience so it’s easy to find companies that will hire you. Being in a different time zone than the company you work for can be a plus if they provide 24/7 support, since you’ll be able to work their “night hours”.

How to start: Check remote work job boards and apply.
Income potential: $10 to $20 per hour.
Resources: Remote.co and FlexJobs

19. Work from home for an airline

Already have some remote customer service experience? You might want to try applying with an airline to become location independent and get free flights!

There are plenty of other remote positions with airlines. You could work in reservations or sales too. Do you have an information technology degree or experience? Check airline job websites for remote opportunities.

How to start: Check airline websites, find a remote position you like and apply.
Income potential: $20+ per hour, depending on the position and airline.
Resources: Remote airline job ideas and list of all airline websites.

Digital nomad businesses

This type of jobs will include a lot of “Dream jobs”. They will give you the freedom to travel when you want as your own boss and will possibly allow you to make plenty of money to save for your trips and lifestyle.

However, these jobs take time to build. I believe it’s better to start traveling while working one of the short-term, expat or travel industry jobs and build on your location independent career while you’re traveling.

20. Start a blog

You can make a lot of money of blogging and it will allow you to be location independent. You will be able to travel and work whenever you want. Documenting your travels would be great content for a travel blog, but you can write on any subject you are knowledgeable about or interested in – food, fitness,

Blogging is not a quick way to make a lot of money. It can take a lot of work and a long time to build a successful blog. However, if you are willing to put in time to post consistently useful content, you will become successful.

How to start: Get a domain and hosting, install WordPress for free, start writing and build your website! You can build your own blog within an hour for less than $4.
Income potential: The average blogger makes $32,800 per year, but the biggest bloggers make millions!
Resources: Get started with a free domain and affordable hosting. Need help coming up with a niche or content ideas? Neil Patel’s post on how to start a blog is incredibly helpful.

21. Freelance

Do you have a skill that can be done using a computer? Freelance online and make money anywhere. The list of freelance options is endless, but here are a few ideas:

  • translator
  • photographer
  • copywriter
  • content writer
  • web developer
  • web designer
  • social media manager
  • ads manager
  • virtual assistant

It can be tough finding clients in the beginning of a freelance career. Find people in your current network, build a website or grow your social media presence to attract people who will pay for your services.

How to start: Let people know you are offering your services. Try your network, Facebook business groups and websites like Upwork.
Income potential: Simplified: your hourly rate x the number of hours you spend on a project.
Resources: I got my first freelance project through Fiverr. It’s a good platform to start building a client portfolio. If you build a website and market yourself right you could be making a lot more money.

22. Start a YouTube channel

Another dream job for many, being a vlogger or content creator on YouTube. Travel gives even more opportunities for amazing content.

A YouTube channel needs time to build and gain subscribers. However, if you create useful and inspiring content, one of your videos could go viral and give your success a boost.

How to start: Sign into Youtube, go to settings, create a new channel, start filming and upload your first video.
Income potential: There are plenty of millionaire YouTubers, so the sky is the limit.
Resources: Benji Travis – “ItsJudyTime” Judy’s husband and YouTube expert – wrote a guide on how to grow YouTube following and making money as a video influencer.

23. Be a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you assist others with any tasks they prefer to outsource. You can be specialized in one type of task, like data entry, social media or email or help one or several clients with any task they delegate to you.

Since any tasks that you’ll do are digital, you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world provided you have access to internet to contact your clients.

How to start: Decide on your services and pricing, launch your website and social media and find clients.
Income potential: Depending on the type of tasks you do and the number of hours you spend on it, you could make anywhere from $10 to over $50 an hour.
Resources: Become A Successful Virtual Assistant

24. Be a consultant

Are you an expert in a particular field? Share your expertise, but keep it online. Instead of going in-house with the business that uses your consultancy services, build online training programs for their staff and share your thoughts on how to improve the business through Zoom.

How to start: Set your services and rates. Build a website so you can market your consultancy services.
Income potential: If we ignore any costs of running your business, it’s basically your hourly rate x the number of hours you spend on a project.
Resources: Flawless consulting

25. Teach English online

Any subject can be taught online, but teaching English is most in demand. You don’t need a degree in education, special certification or any unique skills other than being a native level English speaker and being able to teach children to speak English. You’ll need a solid internet connection to be able to video chat with your students, but you can work from anywhere, whenever you want.

How to start: Choose a company to teach for, sign up and start teaching.
Income potential: Up to $25 per hour.
Resources: Teachaway has job opportunities from different online teaching websites. A teaching company known for its flexible schedules is VIPKid. If you’re looking for a company with a set schedule, more structure and a higher pay, try DaDa.

26. Be an private tutor

Being a private tutor often pays more hourly than being a teacher and can be done online. Tutors are needed by any age group. Children, university students and even business professionals studying for professional certificates.

Recognize your own qualifications and how you could pass on that knowledge to others. Post ads online and let your network know that you’re tutoring.

How to start: If you’re already a teacher at a school, let students know you also provide private tutoring. If you are not, find out where your students are (online and offline) and market your services there.
Income potential: Starting anywhere from $15 to $45, depending on your location, qualifications and the subject. Some certified and experienced tutors even charge up to $90 an hour.
Resources: If you would like to start out on a platform, you could try out Tutor.com

27. Be an independent travel agent

If you enjoy putting together itineraries for your trips, you could consider being a travel agent. As an agent, you’ll book trips for your clients and earn money off commissions or a payment for your services.

An additional travel bonus is getting familiarization trips from the hotels and tourism boards you work with to be more knowledgeable about the destination. Which are basically free trips!

How to start: Travel to gain knowledge about different destinations and experience different ways of travel.
Income potential: $3,000+
Resources: Start your own travel business

28. Be an online yoga or fitness trainer

Unless you already have an online following in the fitness niche, you’ll probably need to get certified to make it online as a fitness coach.

How to start: Decide on your niche, grow your online presence, use apps or online programs to deliver workout and meal plans to your clients and don’t forget to set up a payment processor so you can start earning money.
Income potential: If you set your business up in the right way, you could earn passive income as an online trainer. This means you won’t have to make new plans or content for every customer but still have a regular income. This online personal trainer makes over $1 million a year!
Resources: How To Be An Insanely Good Online Fitness Coach

29. Sell on Etsy

If you sell digital products on Etsy, like printable art, planner pages and stickers it’s pretty easy to manage your store while traveling. But you’ll even be able to travel with physical products, as long as it’s light and small. You could even create unique travel souvenirs inspired by your journey or collect vintage items from thrift stores all over the world.

It’s possible to run your store from anywhere, as long as you have solid access to the internet and a return address that you (or someone you know) can check regularly.

How to start: Find or create products you would like to sell, open your Etsy store and start listing your products.
Income potential: With digital products, Etsy income becomes passive income. This makes it possible to basically have a regular income with no additional effort, once the product is up in your store.
Resources: Etsy and check out this inspiring couple running an Etsy shop while traveling fulltime in their RV!

Ready to start making money while traveling?

There are plenty of realistic travel jobs you can start today. Some of them require particular skills or previous experience, but most just require you to commit to them.

The most sustainable way to have a regular income while traveling long term is to have a digital nomad business. However, these careers need time to build and that stops you from starting your traveling right now.

So, go back to your list and see what you wrote down under “Easiest to start”. Pick your favorite and start applying today. Before you know you’ll be exploring the world while having an income to cover your living costs while traveling.

During your travels, take time to invest in your digital nomad business. Invest some time in it, every single day. Before you know, your business starts to grow and you’ll be able to be a fully location independent business owner. You get paid to travel the world – the ultimate freedom!

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